The return of the Queen


Been on two nights this last week+weekend and I have seen no one else. Don’t cry when I make new friends.


how do u go to the bar without telling anyone u going to the bar and then scold everyone? We dont have crystal balls.

Have you noticed how no one recogniseable is chatting in globallff?


No…I see ppl I know in Global…but then again - I have many fans.


I will try attend tonight, and yes stoolie we are men wee need to be told.


Tell me, my beloved Queen, how many toons do you have a 95? :blush:


You want to go there? Really?


Anyone playing LOTRO still/again?


Nawtus. It became too expensive. And if you don’t sub, most regions are locked. Bleh.


I think most of it is now free to play. (or pay to win) but you can still experience a bit of the story line. My old server is also gone but transfer is free.


@Drusky will be happy to hear of this. Maybe even @stool, @Org, @BlackSheep and @Rizzy. I’m not sure if I have the time for another LOTRO revival, but they may be keen.