Addon Lists

The list of addons that I’m using currently:

  • Active Mitigation Feedback - Shows a shield if you successfully block, a damaged shield if you stuff up the block.
  • Wykkyd’s Framework - Library for next addon
  • Wykkyd’s Outfitter - Can save/load button/weapon layouts
  • Dragon Loot
  • Durability Meter
  • Esohead - Data capturer for
  • EsoheadMarkers - Can use esohead collected data and show gathering nodes. Also shows skyshards.
  • Lootdrop
  • LootFilter
  • MultiQuestTracker
  • Slightly Improved Attribute Bars
  • Slightly Improved Experience Bar
  • SpamFilter - Gold sellers? What gold sellers?
  • XTimestamp - Chat timestamps
  • ZrMiniMap

And there you have it.
Use Minion to manage your addons.

  • Framerate display
  • Craft Research Time
  • Dragon Loot
  • FreeSlots - small window showing how many free inventory slots you have
  • Inventory Grid View (love this one, got sick of the standard list)
  • Loot Filter
  • PSBT - Pawkette’s Scrolling Battle Text (exactly like wow’s floating battle text)
  • Recount - dps/hps
  • Slighty Improved Experience Bar
  • XTimestamp - Chat timestamps
  • Zam_Buffdisplay - buff display
  • ZrMM - zrMinimap.

fwiw, wykkid’s framework can show you framerate in a bar with a ton of (configurable) useful info.

A very irritating thing about ESO - is that it keeps completely separate settings for each toon. That includes keybinds.

So if you want identical settings, you have to screw around with editing the LUA saved variable files. GAH!

I use that fps thingy on my laptop, my desktop has fraps anyway. It’s just a very small counter at the bottom right.

I’ll give that wykkid’s a try

Wykkid’s Framework now shows crafting timers on the info bar.

Where do you get these addons and how do you use them?

Install Minion. Install whatever addons float your boat.

Yeah I did that. Thx TG

Grab this!

I already use esoheadmarkers which has all the skyshards marked (and an info tooltip to tell you if it’s in a dungeon)