AMD linux drivers (GPU acceleration)

On my N36L (yes it’s old) playing youtube videos full screen stutters like mad. 100% cpu usage - the cpu is too weak to render videos. So it’s not using hardware acceleration offered by the GPU (which will play everything full screen just fine at 1080)
So I went and installed the 14.12 AMD drivers. The issue persists.

On the chrome://gpu tab it shows that it’s using software rendering only.

I checked my machine at work and I dont even have the official amd drivers installed and everything is as it should be.
WebGL is disabled on purpose because it gives me corruption issues with google streetview.

I’ll try switch to on my microserver and hope that fixes it.

** if you are wondering about the wireless driver I’m using custom drivers built with b43-fwcutter because of broadcom’s rubbish linux drivers.

For some dumb reason removing the AMD catalyst drivers and using’s gives you hardware acceleration ?!?!?

AMD\ATI and linux have mostly had a broken relationship as far as I can remember.