So I took the plunge and got myself an AMD A10 7850K APU.

After looking around the web most reviews state to stay clear of it and rather buy a cheap i3 and gpu combo.
Well, I didnt.

AMD A10 7850K @4.2ghz, IGP @ 960Mhz
MSI A88XI AC mini-ITX board
8gb DDR3 2133Mhz (will be DDR3 2400mhz soon)

And it runs Archeage, normal settings, just perfect. I’m loving this little ‘budget’ machine. The IGP is no doubt it’s strongest point. It looked good on paper, but I’m totally surprised at just how well it performs. I’ll post a few benchmarks here in a bit. (Note: It has DX11 R7 radeon cores)

(Yes, an IGP running a cry engine 3 powered game! it’s insane. My laptop has an ATI 5850 in it and it can’t run Archeage at the same settings as this apu can)

It’s smooth and responsive. Mind blown.

Now where’s the mantle support XLGAMES? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see what else comes out next year.