ANi's Rig

In case anybody is interested…

My PC has always been the subject of slow, continuous improvement and upgrades.
The last time I bought a completely new PC was probably 10 years ago.

Like most of us here, I thoroughly enjoy gaming, but building and upgrading is also something enjoyable for me.
I’ve done many DIY mods throughout the years, including a home-made LCD screen to show temperatures and system status via an app called LCDSmartie.

Right now, I’ve gone back to sleek minimalism.
This is the current state of my rig.

Board: ASRock Fatality Z87 Killer
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k, overclocked to 4.4 GHz
RAM: 2 x 4GB Kingston cheapies
These three items were purchased in April 2014 after load shedding fried my PSU, which took out the board and CPU with it.

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290, mildly overclocked to 1050MHz
This is still the same card I bought late in 2013 when they launched locally

2 x Kingston 240GB SSDs (One for OS and apps, the other for game installs)
… and some old platter hard disks still spinning away

The most recent change, is the gorgeous NZXT H440 case and some water cooling.
I removed the black metal screen in front of the air intakes and exhaust holes for improved airflow.
CPU cooling is courtesy of a Corsair H110 (280mm radiator, with dual 140mm fans)
GPU cooling is courtesy of a Corsair H90 (140mm radiator with a single 140mm fan)
There’s an NZXT Kraken G10 bracket attached to the GPU to fasten the water cooling to it, which also includes a 90mm fan to cool the voltage regulators. (I was running the “cable tie mod” before I got the G10 bracket)

The G10 is really VERY universal, in that it fits many graphics cards and facilitates mounting of any Asetek-based cooler, from manufacturers including Corsair, NZXT, CoolerMaster, Thermaltake etc


I’m surprised there’s not an LED torch stuck on the front of it :wink:


You’d stare at it too much then :smiley:

I like it. Looks kinda Starwarsy.

Agh fanks man :slight_smile:

it’ll match if you play battlefront

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I would post a pic of my rig, but everyone knows what an iMac looks like :smile:

Speaking of which, I peaked inside our iStore the other day to look at the new 27inch iMacs with Retina display. Is it possible for images to look too sharp?!? Stunning piece of machinery with an equally stunning price tag.