Anyone have one of these or similar?

Locally made it seems…

It’s obviously not designed for constant use. I destroy chairs. I just replaced my office chair yesterday because the old one was trashed (and it wasn’t all that old I think). When it has to deal with my heavy ass in it all day every day, they don’t last long.

Umm, R4k for a chair?! Sheep, you must be joking, right?

For sure, but looked interesting

I have this:

(in vinyl, not cloth)

looks like the company i bought it from no longer exists.

Sheep, I remember seeing those chairs at Rage last year, but did not get round to sitting in one.

But I am not convinced it will be a good choice for a PC chair, since it does not have wheels. But might be nice for playing console games in front of the TV.

Flea, wow, that looks like a nice chair.