Archeage guild role fun

recently i have been thinking about archeage and if anyone has been playing it
i’ve been planning on making a guild in archeage and was wondering if anyone wants to join
it would be a fresh guild where we would all start together with new characters
and when we make our guild we would decide on one main purpose of it and give it some subordinate parts
E.G a merchant guild that has a small attack force for getting resources and for protecting trade

if anyone wants to join me just tell me and we can plan which faction we want and how we want to go about doing it. i thought this would be a fun little thing to have a guild in archeage and just see how some role based things go

Don’t think anybody bothers to play any more.

worth a try though

Once you see the horrible strangling mechanic, you’ll leave too. Its too limiting.

nice game to start with but massive grinding in farming to get gold and gear