ArcheAge - Rant here

YAMMO (Yet Another MMO), but it does seem to be cool.

It helps if I add a link to the main game site, now doesn’t it?


I’ll give it a shot, was actually thinking about getting another mmo today to grind away some boredom hours.

have to say , it looks ok ish … but what the guy said was interesting where you can almost go freeworld and build a house and all , get a boat … something different and could be fun

bit expensive ?134 Euro for the alpha and beta access ?

I got bored watching the video… skip.

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So i played last weekend, quit after the 1st quest. I don’t like JRPG’s. Felt terribly like one.

Archeage is out now. F2P.

You need to install “Glyph”, and then the game download (so far) is 8.58Gb.

I decided to give it another look since i’m looking for an mmo. It’s growing on me.

I get the impression that it’s not designed for solo play… I’m terribly squishy.

i’m finding it quite easy, level 8 now.

I deleted my lvl 8 sorcerer/occultist toon… it was horrible. I couldn’t get past this one quest where I had to kill some Schima rogues… they kept wiping me out. I had killed 0/8. I created a new toon in battlerage class. MUCH better. I’m kicking the proverbial bottom out of anything that comes at me.

Anyway, I’m running down this road and this huge rock spawns over me. I’m stuck inside it. I had to use the escape skill to get ported to the nearest temple.

Checkit that thing. I was stuck inside it.

@Gascan and possibly @Org might like this game.

Which servers you lads play on? Logged in the other night for a few minutes. Doesn’t seem too bad.

North American region, the top server… azerbistiohfdbdkdfbj… whatever

No wait, it’s Aranzeb.

There’s currently 4 races, two per faction. Apparently they will be adding more races “soon”. I have a furry. Not sure what Flea chose, but he’s in the same faction. My toon is ‘Mik’ and Flea is ‘Fleabag’.

These weirdos were using a harpoon to drag their boat up the peninsula. There was no water nearby, so I have no idea how long it took them to do that. I had stepped AFK for a few mins, came back to discover myself entangled with them.

It really is very pretty

I’m the cat thing occu something. - Fleabag.

yeh im a big kitty too. - Jonotjie, And found this as well.

Yes and as soon as we get stuck into it y’all leave and it’s only me and @Gascan against the whole world …

ArcheAge is a game full of depth and excitement, there is so much to do and so much to see. Below you’ll find twenty tips for starting players to help understand the core mechanics of ArcheAge and help pull away some of the confusion from things like piracy and PvP.

  1. You will receive your glider (used for flight), mount (which you will raise yourself), rowboat for crossing water, and various other tools by level 10 through the starting quests.
  2. The starting quests are a major giant tutorial, pay attention at each step. Even things that involve killing monsters and seem like a fedex quest usually turn into something better.
  3. The game is only as hard as you make it, if you’re having trouble doing something, find something new. That’s the best part of a sandbox, you’re not tied down to one specific area.
  4. The glider quest is easy to miss, so do every quest in every starting area. It’s so super important your first time to learn everything and get all the tools you need to succeed in the world of ArcheAge.
  5. Trading is ultimately on of the only things you can’t avoid because you need Gilda Stars to build anything.
  6. Mirage Island should be one of the first places you learn how to get to after you have a grasp on the game, it’s where all of the plans for most of the major items are sold.
  7. If you plant anything in the open, it can be stolen or destroyed by other players.
  8. You have two days of protection on public planting areas.
  9. You can obtain a Scarecrow through Blue Salt Brotherhood trade route quests. If you have Patron status, you can plant them yourself. You can have one large and one small.
  10. Everything costs labor points, be sure to manage your labor points well.
  11. Patron status increases the rate you earn labor points, making you much more effective at building and doing things within the world.
  12. If you’re confused on what there is to do in the world, you can trade to earn gold or Gilda Stars, build a house and decorate it, farm crops to sell on trade routes or use in crafting, grow animals to ride, explore the ocean, piracy on the ocean, crafting in general, PvP sieges, open world PvP, and lots more stuff but that’s the big ones.
  13. Thunderstruck wood is literally… wood struck by thunder. Plant trees out on the islands to make it easier to obtain.
  14. Like many eastern sandbox games, there is a prison. If you kill enough players of your own faction or harvest enough crops that aren’t yours and enough crime points (5) are established from the blood trails or footprints, when you die you’ll go to court where the community can judge you (most likely put you in jail).
  15. Infamy and crime are two different resources. Infamy gets you kicked out of your own faction, at which point you become a pirate and will respawn on pirate island. Infamy stays with you forever,
  16. During a jail sentence you can sit in jail or escape, but if you escape you’ll get a debuff that greatly limits what you can do. Which is fine! Because you can just use that time to travel somewhere.
  17. To escape just dig and break creates to get the tower key, then glide away from prison. The maximum sentence right now is 20 hours, but for most things it’ll be an hour or two.
  18. You need 3000 infamy points to become a pirate at which point you’ll become a pirate, at which point you can travel to pirate island and the pirates will be allied with you. Your old faction will disown you and you will be kill on sight for all players. The pirate life lets you kill anyone without punishment and it takes a long time to redeem yourself. It’s kind of the ultimate endgame, after you’ve done everything else. You can stop being a pirate by working hard to redeem yourself.
  19. Vehicles exist in the game and the car can carry multiple trade packs, this is why it goes so slow.
  20. Buying into patron status, like in Defiance, will make your life so much easier in the game. The rewards are endless.
  21. There is so much crazy depth to the game, don’t ever feel bad reaching out in faction chat for help. You’re going to echo about 20394823 other people, but it’s okay, because everyone is at the same point you are.
  22. PvP works like this - if your in faction controlled area, you’re safe from other factions from attacking you. If you’re in enemy territory, you can’t attack anyone unless they attack you first, and only you can attack them, your allies can’t (until or unless its changed). Oceans, islands, non-faction controlled area, the pvp continent, etc. are all open PvP.
  23. Building things takes a lot of time and effort. Do not put a construction plot down until you’re ready to build and mind how many resources and labor points it’ll need. If you can’t do it within 3 days, it will be destroyed.
  24. Labor points regenerate a lot faster for Patrons. If you’re F2P, you’ll have to be online for them to regenerate. Patrons have their LP regenerate not only faster, but while offline too.
  25. Finally, resources: Gold is earned from quests and trade routes, Gilda Stars is earned from trade routes, and honor points are from PvP in a PvP zone, sea, or anywhere that allows you to attack the opposing faction. Crime and infamy is gained from PvPing your own faction or stealing. Honor can also be gained from quests.

1 In terms of the rowboat and at least the race that I’ve started with, it’s not true. I’m lvl 16 and I do not have a rowboat.
4 At least for the Firrin starter, there is a brief bit where you can get a glider, but it disappears after a while. This is not your glider quest. Later on in the next area - at about lvl 12 or so (I made sure to grind my levels a bit by overachieving on all quests - so you may only be lvl 10), you will do a quest where you will get your glider.
5 All your main story quests seem to give you gilda stars as rewards, but probably not nearly enough though.
6 There’s portals to the island just about everywhere. Using the return portal puts you back in your original location.
9 F2P players cannot own land and can therefore not put down their scarecrow.
13 Seriously? I didn’t know thunder struck. Well… there’s the awesome AC/DC song…
14 I like the trial chat channel, I’ve even created a separate chat tab for it. It’s like watching Judge Judy. Worst punishment I saw was 341 minutes in jail for some dude that was player killing or some such. Usually the sentences are just a couple of minutes.
21 From what I’ve seen, on the particular server I’m on, chat is full of douche bags. It usually boils down to racist remarks and comments about alienware for some bizarre reason.

this one’s free :stuck_out_tongue:

There are some perks to becoming a patron, or buying one of the packages.

One would assume so since it’s a free to play title.

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