Flea and I have been playing Arma 3 a fair amount lately. Mainly a mod called Altis Life on a local server, but yesterday we spent almost 6 hours in total playing co-op scenarios with AI. The game has improved quite dramatically since I initially started playing it, and is quite a lot of fun.

It’s not terribly fast paced like the Battlefield series, but it’s not intended to be. In fact, it can seem downright clunky when you initially start playing. It is intended to be a more in-depth military sim and can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s actually pretty easy when you get in to it. You just need to get used to the fact that bullets HURT. You don’t have to empty six clips and an RPG, along with 3 grenades at a bloke to get him to drop.

The only downside of the game at the moment is the price tag - otherwise it’s highly recommended.

That is actual gameplay video.


If it’s not obvious, I’m hinting at some more geeks getting involved with Arma3 :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very fun with tactical play, you can become totally absorbed!
I know @Bass will love the co-op.

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I found all of those games too slow for me…

I assume it`s operation flashpoint type speeds etc. ?
I actually liked O.F., i begged buddies to play co-op but it’s no muster type of game

We are now playing on a server called “Edgesapce Altis Life RPG” since i’m banned from the other one :stuck_out_tongue:

@iNgeon yes, Same speed, same studio. It’s an epic game. The RPG game is fun and so is the co-op.

Arma 3 50% off this weekend.

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Good to know. Thanks.

These custom scenarios rock!!

Multiplayer one:

Single Player:

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If this doesn’t sell you on Arma3, I don’t know what will:


LOL! yellow lag mark, I saw that :stuck_out_tongue:

check out my super bullets.

Anyone still play this?

I still have it installed, and am willing to dabble.

:smiley: Thats possibly the fastest forum reply for me ever! I’m still overcoming wallet resistance. Which is the best version to get. I’m looking at the $74.99 version (900 buckazoids!)

You could probably get it cheaper from a reseller than directly from Steam.

From Steam:
Standard Version is: $59.99
Extended Version is: $74.99 - this is the version that Flea & I effectively have. We bought standard and the season pass at the time, but I think all the DLCs are out now, so you have the extended edition instead.

I’m just researching some alternate pricing for you.

From you can pick up the standard edition for $29.98:

From E33.98 (You can change currency to $ if you want).

You would need to get the DLCs separately.

Note that both of those are region locked to Europe, however AFAIK we in ZA are considered to be part of Europe in this sense. The main point of Steam region locking is to prevent the extreme discount region purchases (like the old Eastern-bloc countries, as well as some South American countries) from being used. I can’t confirm this, so I don’t know if it will work for you or not. You would be taking a chance if you went for one of these. While I have purchased steam games from them that can’t be used in certain regions, I’ve never purchased one that is specifically region locked. I was going to search for an example, but kinguin seems to have gone down now. bleh.

I have personally purchased several times from Kinguin - just bear in mind it’s like EBay, check the seller ratings, and use purchase protection (it’s only a few cents) in case there’s a problem like recalled keys, kinguin will sort you out. Also, google a discount code you can use during checkout (can usually find them pretty easily, it’s not much but every bit helps). Also, never purchase a Steam Gift. Confirm that the game you are buying is not being delivered via Gift method. Only buy keys. - I know at least 2 non-geeks have used it for GTAV, and I think some geeks have used it for GTA and other things as well. They’re usually cheaper than kinguin.

Cool, thanks TG! Just researching to make sure Arma 4 isnt coming out next week! :stuck_out_tongue: