Battlefield 4 25 Feb Update

Feb 25 PC Game update notes
-Fix for the so called “sound loop crash” issue that caused the game to freeze
-Fix for an issue that sometimes prevented players from shooting while in the gunner position of a vehicle
-Fix for the headshot icon appearing incorrectly at non-headshot deaths, such as suicide or dying of an explosion
-General stability improvements

I had that bug which kept causing game crashes.

BF4 is a massive bug.


I had the same , after patch I can join a server but as soon as I should start playing the game crashes

found this on a random search and it worked for me

For those w/o a user.cfg try:

EA_Rick stated : We are aware that some of you have been experiencing some crashing since the patch this morning. Below is a workaround for this problem:

  1. Go into your game directory (D:\Origin Games\Battlefield 4, or whatever is the default one)
  2. If you have a “user.cfg” file, open it in notepad.
  3. Delete the command line “UI.DrawEnable 1”
  4. Save the file
  5. Start the game

This file is not automatically created by the game so if you do not have it, you will need to create the user.cfg file and include the line mentioned in step 2. Once created Save the file and try to launch the game. It will mostly likely crash once more. After it does, delete the user.cfg and try again.

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