BF2 Server set up

Hi guys.

Do any of you recall how to setup a bf2 server? We have been struggling for a week now. Keep getting this error;

We are running Win Server 2008.

Thought maybe it was a punkbuster issue. Same thing happens with PB disabled.
It doesn’t crash in LAN mode. Only when switched to Internet.
Visual C++ is installed, .net too.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?

The software is ancient, you might need to run it in a VM on windows XP or windows 2003.

Interestingly, this person had the same issue, going back to 2006:

Is it allowed through the windows firewall?

Also, is the server vanilla? If not, it could be a mod doing that. I’ve seen references to a ranked system thing and this error.

I haven’t seen any viable solutions to the issue though.

Thanks TG.

Still no dice. Frustrating as hell.

Tried via VM. Firewall open, ports forwarded…gaaahhhhh!!!

Its a vanilla server. Purely need to get it up and running for a Project Reality server license.

Bugger. I don’t know what to suggest. Are you sure the bf2 server data files are 100% complete with no corruption?
That’s about the only thing I can think of. But since you say it runs fine in LAN mode… could be the server is trying to query an IP on startup in Internet mode - maybe that IP doesn’t exist anymore or something (Gamespy?).

You could perhaps run wireshark while the program starts up and see if it tries to communicate outside the network just before the crash.


I also think its something to do with GameSpy or some EA stats server maybe?
Will suggest the wireshark option

Is it not something to do with the visual C redistribution’s? I say this because server 2008 doesn’t support earlier versions that BF2 might need.

I found this:

  • Was not done port forwarding in the router.
  • The server was started with a sv.ranked, is was a mistake.


Finally got it working:-) Seems its a combination of things causing the issue.

Fixed by leaving it in LAN mode. Romeo_Mike Server Now we wait for our PR server license. She may be old, she may be ugly, but she’s still awesome fun to play with PR 1.2

Awesome!!! I will be looking forward to playing on it

If you get PR running I know Dukey and I will join up for the fun!