BF4 Maplist Generator

Very small update for the BF4 Maplist Generator - it now has an update notifier.
Other than that, there are no functional changes to it.

You can download it from my site:

I guess I forgot to update this thread with the latest update information.

Anyway, apart from having been updated for everything else, it also now supports the Night Map and the Community Map.

There is also a maplist generator for Battlefield Hardline here:

There is now support for Dragon Valley, as well as a fix for a race condition that would cause the program to hang under certain conditions.

Nothing like this! Your website and blog break. Unable to download! Return back to the main page! Correct the problem!

A little politeness goes a long way, however thanks for bringing the problem to my attention. I have fixed the download button.

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excuse my bad english. But I did not mean to offend you.

Now I could download. There were 7 attempts)) Thank you

No worries. Glad you came right.