BF4 Second Assault

Now live for premium members.


4 maps from BF3, Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Gulf of Oman
5 weapons from BF3.

Geez, why don’t I just go play BF3 then.

What a crock.

And to top it off:

I’m getting this continuously.

Have I ever mentioned how much I like origin & EA & Dice?

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i dont know if i need to go premium… will prob. wait n week or 2 and then cave like a little **** :frowning:

If the expansion works well like extra game modes that become really popular then just get that expansion, no need for premium. I have China rising, but have yet to play any of the new content.

I for one think the old maps look super cool. will enjoy playing some metro with the changes.
check it out

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I will buy new maps only. I dont need a shortcut with shotguns and DMR’s or to get expansions that no one plays.
So no I definitely wont pay for premium.

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Nice post uch. I`m with arby on this but i must admit i like the rehash of metro :wink:

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Are we going to run any of these maps tonight? I haven’t purchased the expansion, and its a little late in the month for me to be making a 5 gig download on my capped account :tongue:

Nope, not planning to as not all of us have premium or the expansion

Maybe we should get a vote thread going to see who is going to get it?
I will buy the expansion when it is available, currently its only for premium.

same. I will spend R250 on the expansion … I will not spend R1200 on Premium for Herja and myself.

Especially not as you will be getting a new SSD for Herja soon :smiley:

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No pressure.
There you go Uch, you will be loved long time :stuck_out_tongue: