Blizzard Sale: WoW $5 , WoD $12.50

Hey geeks,

For those thinking of returning to WoW or who thought the latest expansion pack was too much of a rip off to buy, Blizzard is now having a sale with rather large price drops:

Desperate times, well, you know the rest :wink:

Great. I just bought the damn thing full price about 3 weeks ago.

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Have a chat to blizz support. It looks like they’re willing to assist people who bought it within the last month.

Also, sorry for posting this in its own thread. I only saw now that there’s a dedicated games “deals” thread too.

Thanks Voicy, I’ll definitely be doing that.

The Clan guild is on a Euro server Scarshield Legion. The Euro deal pricing is EUR4.99 for the Vanilla edition EUR14.99 for Warlords of Draenor. Keep in mind that you’ll only be good for 8 months odd and then you’ll be under peer pressure to fork our EUR44.99 for the Legion expansion.
Subs are currently running around ZAR200 per month give or take a few for the exchange rate fluctuations. If you haven’t been stupid enough to join the addiction yet and you want in, PM me and I’ll arrange a guild invite, those that have been daft enough to play your toons are all still there.

EDIT Subs have been discounted to EUR10.99 as well which at ZAR15 exchange works out at R165 p/m