Brokenfield V

As you would expect from the usual EA/Dice shenanigans, there has been zero Quality Assurance testing on the BFV single player experience. You would think that they would, considering that when you launch BFV for the first time, it plays all the movies and immediately launches you in to the single player introduction. Cool. However you’re only given the chance to adjust brightness before you play. You don’t get the option to go to a menu and adjust your options before you start the campaign, as you would normally expect. So this leads you to hitting escape as soon as you are in control of your character, so that you can go check the video settings.

Oh, it actually picked up my monitor resolution correctly, but missed on the refresh rate, so let’s fix that (144). Disable the stupid movie grain (Why?!?!), disable the stupid motion blur (Why?!?!?), set the FOV, enable DX12 (let’s see if it’s as broken as it was in the beta, surely not). Oh, that requires a restart. Sure, let’s restart the game.

And we’re back in. This time we’ve got the menu. So let’s go in to War Stories, and find the introduction mission, which shows as incomplete, and launch it. It starts all the movies again… so spacebar to skip when it lets you… and it’s loading. Black screen, loading symbol thing on the top right, music is playing… and it sits… and sits… and sits. It never loads. Well, damn.

Ok, maybe it’s DX12, let’s disable it, restart the game, and try again.

Nope. Same thing. SP refuses to load.

So I find the settings/save in the Documents folder, delete it and start again. We go through all the initial derring-do again, however as we get in to the game, I go change all the settings again, but I don’t restart. I play through and complete the introduction. It takes me back to the menu and I can now go on to the next segment.

About two days later, today, I figured I’ll see if it will load the next mission now that I’ve set everything how I want it. And it works. I play through the first mission successfully, and the next mission loads… and spawns me below ground.


So I hit restart mission, it reloads… and spawns me in the ground.


I quit the game. I’ll try it again in a while and see if it works.

I still haven’t tried multiplayer. I somehow think they might’ve maybe actually tested that part.

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Restarting the game worked. The level loaded correctly this time.

Seen quite a few reports regarding bugs and glitches. Par for the course. Well done EA/Dice.

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Once again we are paying to beta test EA/Dice’s product.

I made it three minutes into that video before I just rolled my eyes, skipped a bit further in, and then gave up. It’s mainly just nitpicks of historical accuracy and realism, and as far as the latter goes, for goodness’ sake, they still have the instant parachutes which completely deploy and re-pack within seconds on a 10m fall! Seriously, if you’re nitpicking realism, be it in the story or in gameplay, Battlefield is not the series you want, and besides, you’re about 14 years late. And yes, I do remember how a knife slash to the heel was an instakill in BF2.

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What gets me is that a team of historians were working with EA/DICE to make BFV historically accurate. (Not realism)

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Really starting to look interesting, perhaps maybe if they get their final release “beta testing” done :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I didn’t watch that video. I don’t need anybody to tell me what’s wrong with BFV - I’ve played it, I’ve seen what’s wrong with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the thing though - the video doesn’t really show what’s wrong with BFV, as in bugs and glitches and such. It just nitpicks historical accuracy and stuff - OMG, a Tiger Tank in 1940. Really, who gives a shit?

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Currently Battlefield V is R633.30\R766.63 if you own any of the last Battlefield titles.

The latest reviews on the game itself have been positive, but the launch debacle with the sjw stuff\their management telling people not to buy the game etc really hurt them cause people listened :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ps. They added a training field like BF4 had

Their patch has fixed a lot of problems, however the one issue I experienced one time prior to the patch - the endless loading screen, I now get to experience almost every time after a round has ended. >.< They supposedly reduced the issue with the patch. Not in my experience. However since i’m playing on non-local servers for the most part, it may very well be an issue caused by latency, and may not be as prevalent on local connections.

I recall BF4 having the same issue when it was higher latency servers

Nah, I occasionally get it on local servers, so it’s not a latency thing.