Building for VR


Msi made a camelbak:

1.5hours per battery pack set.

VR Ginger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a strange feeling that VR is going to come and go, just like 3D Technology did.


I guess your right. The HTC Vive was fun at rage though, something else…

Every VR system is still, in some sense, a first-generation prototype. Oculus Touch doesn’t change the fact that the Rift is a bulky mask with copious wiring, running on a type of computer few people own. But with Touch, the Rift feels like it’s gone as far as its current technology can manage, and done so with aplomb. It’s not the end goal of virtual reality, but it might well be the end of the beginning.


Well I finally got a RIFT with controllers.
There is good and bad and all that, but its definitely something else, I think its gonna create its own market with its own type of games.


So here’s a funny one

This will only like put you back about R30000+ just on the addons
to cycle around in minecraft, not to mention a decent rig to run :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wahoo Kickr Power Trainer R 19,899
Oculus Rift’s\HTC VIVE estimated around R12500
Plus probably another R10k+ on a bicycle (and some loonies up to 100k+)
PC R20000+ or XboxonePs4 6k+


Paperboy was awesome! Had it on the NES.


I enjoyed the read so i shared :slight_smile:


Oculus just dropped bundle from $798 to $598

And this:


VR is still a very niche market, until it’s affordable by the masses it will remain so. (3D anyone?)


Yes, I think the Voodoo cards were some of the earliest that normal humans could buy, but I could only afford a second hand one at the time:

But the experience made me willing to shell out for an S3 card about a year later, if I remember correctly.

I agree with Flea that VR is still in that early stage where things are a bit expensive for most.


I must say, there’s a big difference watching someone else do the VR thing and trying it yourself.

I got a PS4 Pro and PSVR the other day, it’s quite something else.


Editing in UE4 in VR


Using a standard HTC Vive and replacing the headband with their device

Mixed with this I can imagine how cool that must be:

Extra Info on Neurable tech:


The next Microsoft Samsung MRARVR device


Bundle Price dropped from $798 to $598 to $399


For the guys who have those mobile VR headsets. Works great, just use a phone with a high resolution screen

Tested on Samsung galaxy A5 (2017) with this headset: (got it for the kids)


Ooh and this


All my life I’ve been waiting to type out word documents in VR. My dreams are coming true.

My speadsheets will come to life!


These look interesting but think they are still in development


Now that I got a stronger card, I might start looking into this (My R9 would’ve done the job but it’s old now)