Buying a new GPU... GTX 970

Looking to buy a new GPU so I can get the last out of my 2600k chip.
Have not been playing anything for months as you guys prob noticed.
With the rand just getting the crap kicked out of it by our leadership and stuff not getting cheaper I would like to pull the trigger on a GTX 970.

Now my big question is…

I have a coolermaster Storm scout case and dont want to buy anything new.
only 970 that fits inside is MSI
Gigabyte is waaaay to long and Asus is about 1-1.5cm to long.'
do i mod the case (dremel) into the HD bay ?


Thanks for your input…

Watch out for the 970 memory issue.

still feel its a good card…

So I take it you have been riding that long forgotten MTB of yours while you havent been gaming?!?

Here flea actually mentioned he likes MSI in case ur wondering.

GTA V online uses 3.3Gb of video ram already at 1080p … remember at 3.5gb the GTX 970 gimps.

Well here you go folks. See the difference in dx12. This game is broken but it does highlight the performance difference.
Now you can see why I was encouraging you to rather get an AMD card when DX12 comes around.