CAD for 3D Printing

What CAD software do you guys use when you need to create your own designs?
I’ve tried TinkerCAD. While I could do what I needed, I was wondering what was better.

For what it’s worth, I’m giving Fusion 360 for personal/hobbyist use a go. I see a lot of people seem to use it and recommend it. I don’t think I’ll need any of the paid features, so it should be fine.

Fusion is popular - there are some license restrictions but I don’t think that they are a big deal if it’s for your own designs. I use a few applications depending on what I need, but primarily OnShape - cloud based which is both good and bad.

I think Dru used to use Google Sketchup, but has also migrated to Fusion (Correct me if I’m wrong @Drusky!)

I"m liking fusion 360, and the hobbyist license is for 3 years, renewable. The limitations don’t bother me yet. I’m only using it for 3d printing design, not bothered with the rest of the capabilities.
Still learning how to use it, but there’s tons of vids to help.