Civilization 5 Evening

So, Org, what’s the ETA on your new PC?

He has it. He still needs to waste his bandwidth re-downloading everything. And he has yet to register here.

Blimey! You forget that once ur PC is stolen, you lose literally TERABYTES of data that has to be redownloaded

I eventually bit the bullet and changed to uncap. I’m close on 80 GB and that is just installing games, patches and misc updates.

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I have Civ 5. I haven’t played it yet.

We must play CIV 5 - it will be epic (and possibly horribly unstable) with more of us playing. Make it so

Well then let’s set a date and time and do this thing.

I’m completely open to suggestions. Should we wait for the DC family to move first?

Sounds good - I’ll be keen to join in too :slight_smile:

it will be MARVELlous :smiley:

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Much will depend on how Telkom does tomorrow. I would be keen for next week Tuesday (I think that was the preferred day).

And I’m assuming not everyone has the Gods and Kings expansion, so Vanilla?

Now I know why you’re moving! It’s easier to move than to wait for telkom to fix your line!

lol - ironically our line here is now fine, but at the new address is a big jump back to a 1MB line max :frowning:

why on earth did we choose to move there??? ADSL line speed trumps nice neighbourhood!! Dammit!


Hey guys where are the server details and what time? I’m keen to try it out.

It’s called “Badly Brokenfield 4 - a crappy BF3 expansion”

There is no server, one of us just hosts the game. Usually Bass cos he’s stable like that.

I think 8 would be cool for Tuesday. I think that WondaSoup would have to take turns. I know what its like trying to game on a 1mb :laughing: I used to be on Ibust

FYI, you can now get this for ($8 atm) via humble bundle:

Greetings fellow megalomaniacs! Time to get this ball rolling. Only problem for WW and I is that Tuesday evening is not really an option anymore - so how about Monday 7:30pm? Feel free to give input re your preferred day/time. I thought slightly earlier as it usually takes about half hour to get everything loaded etc.

Let’s aim for starting up next week, so we have a few days until then to confirm our preferred day, run updates etc so we’re good to go.

I haven’t played this in a while and looking forward to having just one more turn :wink:


We’re going away on Sunday!

Keep me a spot open in the AI for next Monday so I can join in :smile:

lol @Souper :smiley:

Monday sounds great (I just won’t be able to join next Monday, as I’ll be up in Pta)