Clan Rules & Guidelines

##General Rules:
Rules must be adhered to at all times. These rules are not negotiable.

  1. As a member of the WrG community, when you play under the WrG Banner, you are advertising the community.
* Your actions define the community.
* If you behave like a smacktard, then the entire community will be seen as smacktards.
* Dragging the name of the community down by being a tool will annoy other members, and may have repercussions.
  • If there is a conflict of any sort between WrG members, that is up to the parties involved to sort out. We will not, however, tolerate any form of harassment and/or abuse of other members (See entry below about Boxing Rules).
  • We are not cheaters! We will play every game fair and square. If we win, brilliant. If we lose, well, c’est la vie.
  • Please “wear” your tags in-game. If you’re not “wearing” your tag, I’m going to think you don’t like us anymore.
    • The tag is WrG and nothing else. We may need to make some allowances for different games, but we will announce it when appropriate.
    • Members who are admins with a game server provider are excused from this rule if their admin position comes with a specific tag.
    • We realize we’re not a competitive clan, therefore it’s ok if you want to “merc” for a competitive clan and wear their tags. We won’t like it, but please at least let us know.
  • Let us know if you’re leaving us for another clan. It’s not cool to just start playing somewhere else and we have no idea what is going on.
  • When we play on public servers, we follow the ROE of the service provider. No exceptions.
  • Be reasonably active: post on the site, play the games. No-one will be frowned upon if they can’t play every day, but joining and then not being heard of again is really not cool. Inactivity longer than a several months without reason may result in you being removed from the clan.
  • Every member of the community has the same rights and responsibilities, regardless of which games they play. That includes following these, and any game-specific rules.
  • The forum is the primary line of communication between clan members. You are most welcome to use other means such as Team Speak, Instant Messengers, drums, smoke signals or Facebook to communicate, however, all those are secondary lines of communication, and any important issues raised in there should be replicated on the forum.


Guidelines are just that. Guidelines. Follow them if you will. We’d prefer it if you did.

  • Be friendly, polite and courteous. Not only to clannies but to everyone. This is a social clan, the purpose of which is to have fun, not to outscore everyone. Welcome non-clannies into your squad/team/party etc… If they have fun, and you have fun with them, they may soon become fellow clannies (assuming they are invited).
  • Personality conflicts can (and are likely to) happen. You don’t need to make rash decisions (like quitting the clan, moving to a new country, etc). If you can’t resolve the issue, then ignore the other person. There should be nifty functions somewhere to ignore people. You don’t need to play in the same squad/team or on the same server as the other person.

##Rules for Applications
Please note: We don’t accept unsolicited applications. Membership is by invite only.

###Boxing Rules
If you feel you have been aggrieved by a fellow clan member:

  1. Cool down before you post. Don’t climb right in after the event. Give it time and think it over.
  • Take the issue up with them via Private Message, Instant Messenger, email or any other private forum that works for you. If they will not apologize or offer restitution that is satisfactory (e.g zim$1,000,000) then go to step 3.
  • Ignore them using whatever means at your disposal. Particularly on TS, you can mute people you don’t like listening to.
  • Please don’t do something rash like leave the clan before speaking to TG. He’s not perfect (but close), but he will listen to you and will try to work something out.
  • If your problem is with TG, well then…