Commander Shepard bids farewell

Aww man! But Shepard is what makes ME what it is!

I don’t even wanna look at Andromeda is there’s no Shepard :frowning:

If I remember the last ending correctly, they would have to pull a serious rabbit out of a hat to make him available for another installment.

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To be fair, unless they combined his DNA with said rabbit and fused it with a ton of cybernetics, it’s highly unlikely he’d still be alive by the time the events of Andromeda unfold.

Based on the side characters throughout the original trilogy and its DLCs and the way they made you care about them, I’d say we’re in for a hell of a ride with this and its sequels…

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I’m all for new characters, I think we’ve seen enough of Shepard and I’m happy they didn’t drag Shepard out for another game. Honestly how much more can they really add to Shepard’s story?

It’s going to be great to see new faces & hear new voices. Bring it on! Out with the old, in with the new.

Commander Shepard sounds a lot like a Sheila!

I agree Flea, enjoyed the trilogy, and am keen to see what happens next - with or without the Shep man.


And then tell me if they need a rabbit. Infidels!

By the by, never played Shepman, always the chick. Same voice actor since the beginning. Her badass voice overs make the character awesome

Obvious SPOILERS in that video and this post aside…

If you played the trilogy with all the expansions and the lore though, that is a pretty terrible ending. It just goes from a bad temporary solution back to no solution whatsoever for the fate which awaits the galaxy.

As for female Shep, did try it once, and while very cool, it just doesn’t feel as dramatic as the male Shepard makes a lot of the games’ core scenes.

Very curious to see which way they go from here on though.