Congratulations Ga-fief-can!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!


Congrats Gassie!

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Baie Geluk ou Gassie !!! hoop net die beste vir julle !! geniet haar baie !

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Oh yay a girl! Congratulations!

Congratz jou ou legend!

Nice one!!! congrats Gassie

Congrats Oom.

wat is dit met julle ou ballies wat kinders regs en links uitpop… congrats old man

Little Mia …


Gratz Gassie!

Cute name. Congrats Oom Gassie.

It’s my better half’s second name too.

You mean your better 3/4’s as you’re not good enough to make up a half. :stuck_out_tongue:


bwhahaha gepwned!

Congratulations you! A girl… now you got worries… with a boy its one tollie to worry about, with a girl its millions of tollies to worry about. :smiley:


You’re not joking.

Congrats Gassie, good luck with all the sleepless nights! :smiley:

and it’s not just the tollies … and the potential for ending up in jail on a charge of aggravated assault because you cut of some of those tollies, but the money, oh the money. Girls are expensive!! Many congratz though.