Crysis DLL and launch

i need some help here with crysis i recently got Teegee’s copy of it and installed it on my PC i managed to play it for about 3 hours and then i had to get off. when trying to play it now it says please put in the original disk and it is in already then after messing around in the files i got the 64bit version of it and when i try and launch that it says it cannot find the DLL for it now i don’t know if my disc reader is just messed up or what so i’m asking on here for various options

pls help

re-install ?

nevermind i fixed the original CD stuff but now when i launch it ,it gives me a black screen like it’s starting up then i get the message that crysis has stopped working

i might try

reinstalling doesn’t work when i do the installer says it can’t read from the CD so either it is the CD reader or the CD itself