Day Z

Over it for the time being.
It’s not the fact that it’s still in Alpha, making it buggier than BF4…
It’s not the fact that you can fall off ladders and die instantly if the game decides so.

It’s not even the zombies.

You spend 4 hours looting and getting healthy.
All kitted up with an M4A1 and accessories, a 1911 and lots of food and water.
And BAM. Sniped from a distance while minding your own business.

People suck.
If it didn’t take hours to get decent kit back, I’d be ok with that. But it does take hours.


Been that way for more than 2 years mate…Except, it’s worse in mod. You’ve got vehicles and bases there, which take forever to find and fix and then some ass comes and blows it up.

Best thing is to make friends on a server you regularly play and play with them, preferably a private hive server so you get a feeling for the kind of people playing with you.

And global chat helps a ton. As for standalone, it’s rubbish compared to mod. All it’s got going is some prettier graphics and an AoE loot system. If you want to have fun on DayZ, get this On sale for 6 bucks.

DayZ Epoch for base building, traders, epic loot.
DayZ Namalsk for crazy PVP, tons of loot and vehicles, and all around craziness.

Oh and don’t expect less bugs…they’re part of what makes this game so fun despite the crappy engine it’s built on. But at least here the bugs aren’t crippled with soul shattering lag and desync.

wasteland 2 any good?

I’ve been playing Epoch for ArmA II.

But the inventory system is rubbish.
How the heck do you manage to have a “hatchet” and a rifle at the same time?

Yes, the inventory system is horrid… only way is to find a backpack with >10 slots and put the gun in your backpack, then remove hatchet/machete/fishing pole/washing machine/kitchen sink from your toolbelt, and swap them out via your backpack.

Check this out, saw it last night. It looks very promising, but the player count per server borders on insanity…

Dammit, I do not want to install Arma II right now.

Frankie rocks. Awesome channel he has.

H1Z1 looks like it’ll be what DayZ SA hopes to be!
I can’t wait!

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