Double charge for ADSL line rental

A quick question for those in the know (so this one isn’t for you Ani :wink:)…

Is it possible for someone to have had an ADSL line rental with one ISP from day dot (say Telkom), and for another ISP (say MWEB) to ‘unwittingly’ begin charging you for ADSL line rental as well? Surely ISPs can tell if a particular land line number is already being used for an ADSL connection, and who is managing the ADSL rental?

It would appear that it is indeed possible for two companies to charge for “managing” the same line simultaneously. It has subsequently come to light that this has in fact been going on for over 7 years.

The ISP at fault (the one adding an ADSL line rental charge onto a line that was already being managed by another ISP) has even admitted the billing error, but also shifted blame to the client saying they should have checked their bills and should know what they are paying for. All good and well when you’re technically savvy! But for those less technically minded? Phone lines, ADSL line rentals, modems, bandwidth, caps, gigs and data bundles are a nightmare best left to those in the know - and surely the ISP sales guy must know what he’s talking about, right?

The offer of compensation - a credit amount equal to 2 years of the difference between what was charged, and what should have been charged. Bear in mind, this has been going on for well over 7 years.


In my opinion, no, not fair - but then I have an inflated sense of outrage.

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