Drusky fumbles with his shiny new PC computer parts

So I have dutifully licked my new 500gb Samesong ssd. I was so sure I bought a Samsung but this looks the same. I reckon it will work. Now that it is glistening and shiny I was thinking about how I might rearrange things drive wise.

I plan to put my OS on the 500Gb ssd along with that porky game BF4.
Now that steam is less sticky about where your games go I thought I could squeeze some of that Xcom goodness onto the 120somethingGb ssd. Then I will have my old spinny drive for amassing as many photos of everything that I can. Out of focus of course. And poorly framed.

What would you do? I will report back here with photos of the coffee stains on the important bits housing later. I think they’re quite artful and are a sign of many happy hours of gaming with you lovely people, and Ani.


That sounds like a good config, I would’ve done the same.
Where’s the promised photies?!

Thanks for that confirmation, much appreciated. The GPU card arrives today. Once I have licked it to shiny perfection and started the teardown I will post them photies.

So I got the ssd and graphics card installed. Did a freshly on the 500gb ssd and am in the process of installing things.

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Those coffee rings … :laughing: