E3 2016 Main Titles

This covers most of the Triple A game titles or games published by popular devs

Dishonored 2:

Elder Scrolls 5:Special Edition


Elder scrolls:Legends

Quake Champions:

Mafia 3:

Telltales Walking Dead Season 3:

TitanFall 2 Multiplayer:

TitanFall 2 Singleplayer:

Battlefield 1:

Mass Effect Andromeda


Warhammer 40k:Eternal Crusade



Farpoint VR:

Here they lie:

Lego Starwars force awakens:

Death Stranding By kojima productions:

COD:modern warfare remastered:


Batman Arkham VR:reveal

StarWars battlefront VR X-wing mission:

Horizon zero dawn gameplay:

Resident evil 7:

Detroit: become human

God of war:

Last Guardian:

Halo Wars 2:

Wilsons heart:

Superhot VR:

Legend of zelda:breath of the wild

Lawbreakers gameplay:

ESO:dark brotherhood

Robinson:the journey

Ghost Recon Wildlands Alpha gameplay and first impressions:

More will be added as they appear


I’m only keen on:

Mass effect,
Mafia 3,
Skyrim remastered (keen to give it another bash I sunk many hours into this game)

According to something I read somewhere, anybody that has Skyrim Legendary edition or Skyrim + all DLC, will get a free upgrade to Special Edition.


Sweet! I have all the DLC.

[s]From what I’ve seen, this is only for console. Haven’t seen any mention of PC. I’ll be bummed if that’s really the case.[/] It seems it will be coming to PC, too. :smile:

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This looks pretty sweet!

Just Mass Effect Andromeda for me thanks :slight_smile: although i’m quite sure my hardware will be pushed to run any of these titles :frowning:

The demand curve on hardware is getting very steep. 3 years and your machine is vintage :disappointed:

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Mac is probably about a year :smiling_imp:

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Trolls go where angels fear to tread :hushed:

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nice a evil hack and slash rpg

The list has been updated again