E3 news

Right now a lot of games have been announced at E3 here a few gameplay vids and trailers to get the hype going

DOOM reboot

Gears of war 4

Fallout 4

Rise of the tomb raider

Dishonored 2

there have also been other minor announcements like a hearthstone style game for elder scrolls mobile fallout game and a game pack from Rare with 30 games for $30

Stay tuned for more triple A title news and hype

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The first Dishonored is currently on steam sale. Well worth getting in my opinion.

some new ones:

Kings quest reboot

Uncharted 4


call of duty black ops 3

batman arkham knight

assasin’s creed syndicate

New hitman

Horizon:zero dawn

Mirror’s edge:catalyst

metal gear solid v

star wars the old republic:knights of the fallen empire

halo 5 guardians

that’s it for now. more games will be announced later for PC which i will cover aswell when i can


Arma 3’s new terrain (map) was shown at E3.

It’s coming via an Arma 3 expansion

Just cause 3 will come out december 1

Microsoft hololens :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

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seems like it’s fake the only time i’ll approve of it is if i can wear it and see the projection

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

i find it hard to get excited about something that is a year and a half away. But, I’ve now played all 3 Mass Effects and enjoyed them, so will probably get this at some point - maybe a year after it launches when its on sale, so sometime 2017 then :slight_smile:

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I’m just happy they are continuing with the title. When Shepard died I thought that was it for the series. I guess it was far too valuable (read: $$$) to ditch.

This also looks cool>

way to go for ruining it for the rest of us…

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