Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Mod

Just leaving this here so I can find it easily, hey @ANiMOSiTY.

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:laughing: anyone for crashing testing tucks?

@teejo Do you have ETS2? I did like the old train sim. Is this similar or just like flight sim where you drive/fly for hours on end?

No, there are actual missions for you to do. The idea is you have to build up enough cash to build up your own fleet, etc. So you start out taking jobs from other companies using their trucks, build up your cash by taking different types of loads to/from different destinations. The more experience you get, the different types of loads you can carry. It’s pretty cool actually.

My biggest bear in this game is reversing the damned trailer… bugger me but that is difficult.

Fortunately you don’t HAVE to reverse the trailer if you don’t want to. You lose a smidgen of XP if you don’t though.

@anon96558872 @ANiMOSiTY

Looks like this is pretty active. I’ve been watching a steam broadcast where some guy was playing, and it looks like there are a lot of people playing it. Going to download the latest version and try install it.

If you have installed promods, maybe remove the files before trying this. (Check Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod)

You should have your own truck in SP before you start playing MP. You should also have a separate profile for MP in case it stuffs up your SP profile. If you don’t have your own truck, when you select a quick job to do, it happens before you connect to the server, so the time sync is off. Once you’ve selected a quick job and you connect to the server, you’re already late for the job and you end up losing money. This doesn’t happen if you own a truck, as you can select freight jobs once you’re already connected to the server.

The game changes a fair amount once you own your own truck. It’s no more hop in to someone else’s truck and do the trip. Now you have to pay attention to the city you’re in for jobs, otherwise you have to travel to the city your job is in first, and you have to make sure you get there before it expires. And now you definitely have to sleep, so be careful with those urgent deliveries, you have to pay your own fuel, and make sure that you can find a repair station to repair the various damages to your truck(s). It’s definitely much more interesting now.