Facebook sucks

I just posted this to the War Geeks Facebook page:

To put it bluntly, Facebook is not a good place, and it’s just getting worse as time goes by. I’m leaning very strongly towards deleting this page (and my account), so please don’t be surprised if this page disappears (not that Facebook would let you notice, anyway).

Our website https://wargeeks.org is still a thing, although it hasn’t been terribly active (except for a few technical articles that seem to have become quite popular for some reason. It’s like people think they’re informative or something /shrug).

Our Discord is probably the most active place, followed by our Telegram group, with the website barely visible in the side mirror that is marked ‘Objects may be closer than they appear’. For more details on those two options, you need to go look at the website. Gotcha.

It takes more than just me to make a community work, so it would be nice if everyone put in a bit of effort to take part in the forums.

Much manly love hugs and kisses,


All hail TG the benevolent, may his supreme reign endure forever! :heart_eyes:

The facebook page has been scheduled for deletion. They don’t delete it immediately, annoyingly.
I have also “scheduled my account for deletion”. Sigh.

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I have had absolutely no none zero zippidy doo-dah regrets since deleting my FB account years ago.

How am I going to be able to pester @arby now?!