Fallout 4

Confirmed release date November 10th.

Some gameplay (from E3 conference):

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Looking forward to this. :smile:


Fallout 4 building mode

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Just a heads up for those buying the DVD version, you’ll still need to download quite a bit from steam. The DVD doesn’t have the entire game on it. :smirk: No heads up as to how much yet.

Get it here for R499.90 with free delivery


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I also got it using that.

Well for those that weren’t fast enough It’s sold out everywhere besides steam. (takealot, raru, bt games)

Launch trailer.

Looks pretty good!

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Windows phone : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/fallout-pip-boy/9nblggh5wz7k :exclamation::exclamation:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bethsoft.falloutcompanionapp&hl=en

iOS: ‎Fallout Pip-Boy on the App Store

Meh. All this does is crash on my droid.

works on my WP :stuck_out_tongue:

Fallout 4 Approved names (so far)

Aaron Aiden Alex Alexis Alice Andrew Anna Anthony Archer Ash Ashley Assface Atticus Austin Ben Bill Blake Brown Bruce Caleb Camilla Catherine Carter Charlotte Chloe Chris Christian Cole Colin Connor Corey Damien (“Damian” doesn’t work) Daniel David Dawson Deckard Dick Don DJ Dylan Elena Elijah Ellie Elizabeth Emily Eric Erik Ethan Evan Evelyn Freeman Gary Gavin Grace Griffin Grognak Hawk Hines Jacob Jake James Jason Jay Jeremy Joel John Jordan Josh Joshua Juan Julia Justin Kayla Kevin Laura Lee Leon Liam Logan Lucas Luke Malcolm Marcus Mark Marty Mason Matt Max McFly Micah Michael Miles Mohammed Nathan Nora Norman Oliver Paul Pete Phil Quinn Richard Rick Riley Robert Rock Rocky Rose Roy Ryan Sam Sara Scott Sebastian Shane Snake Stark Steve Steven Stuart Ted Thomas Tim Todd Tony Tyler Victoria Wayne Will Wilson Wood Wyatt

There’s also some profanity ones.

See here: http://goo.gl/ezqjg7

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So it seems the peeps who ordered it from CNA also got a free blu-ray of Red Dawn (2013).

Here’s a nice character planner.

& a handy map with collectibles and stuff

I am really enjoying this game. Wish it had some Multiplayer or co-op.


The stabby tradition lives on.

Serrated combat knife, nothing special. Managed to take out the legendary deathclaw.

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Advanced power armor.

Dont mess with settlers