Farming Timer (Android)

There is a popular program in the Google Play Store called The Farm Timer for ArcheAge. Give it a look, it’s quite nifty.

Give your stopwatches a rest. The Farm Timer for ArcheAge lets you quickly and easily set timers on all types of saplings, seeds and livestock in the game. The app will set the basic time for your chosen product, and then lets you adjust for climate, water and custom factors.
The app also lets you calculate your taxes in labor points, credits and loyalties. It also helps you plan future projects with the “What can i grow in…” function.
The new Trade Pack Calculator shows how much you will make on the different runs in the game. You can set the percentage on your specific trader to see how if affects prices, switch to larder packs or add in the 5% late fee.
The Farm Timer is developped in collaboration with Watch the site for news, guides and updates about the app.
The app is in early development, so please contact us by e-mail with any bug reports, suggestions or other feedback.
To come:

  • More accurate times on items, courtesy of walking_the_way’s research.
  • Yield on the items you are growing and harvesting.

The app uses SQLite to save your projects in a local database on your phone. That requires a permission to access your file system.