Fixing the "You need XX Expansion" when you have the damned thing installed

It requires a registry hack.

Run regedit.

Navigate to the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EA Games\Battlefield 4

Right-click on the Battlefield 4 key, select New->Key.

For China Rising, call it Xpack1, for Second Assault, call it Xpack0, for Naval Strike, call it Xpack2.

Select the newly created key, right-click it, select New->String Value, call it Installed, and then set its value to True. Note that the key names and values are sometimes case sensitive, so enter them exactly as I have written them here.

Your registry structure will now look like:

    -- Wow6432Node
       -- EA Games
          -- Battlefield 4
             -- Xpack0
                -- Installed = True
             -- Xpack1
                -- Installed = True
             -- Xpack2
                -- Installed = True


TG you are a awesome little muppet… yes you are!!! thanks dude

bf4prem.7z (432 Bytes)

Just merge the registry file in the archive. Should sort you out for premium. @Souper

Thanks TG!

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3 years later and this bug STILL exists. BP installed bf4 on his machine - which has never had BF4 installed before. He had to create Xpack0, Xpack1, Xpack3 and Xpack4.

Xpack2, Xpack5 and Xpack6 were there already.


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But its kind of comforting - in that ‘some things never change’ kinda way :relieved:

Well BFV is in full swing, so it will never be fixed. Ever.