Flea's PC build Thread Continued

Well I’m happy to report, the new coolermaster 130 elite case with the corsair H60 is working like a dream!

I’ve been talking to Phoenix they are giving me this: http://www.gigabyte.co.za/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4884#ov with a free game. I’m not a fan of gigabyte, but there’s nothing else they can offer me right now, i’d have to wait another month. So i took the deal.

The 4770k’s load temp is sitting at 52 degrees on full load via prime95, with a fan speed of 40% (inaudible) Once i get my GPU I wont have anymore heat issues in the case. I’ve oc’d the cpu now to 4.0ghz I can’t go more without disabling speedstep. I’d like to keep speedstep enabled as it reduces my power usage drastically.

Here’s some pics of the elite 130 with the H60.

I’ll post more pics once everything is installed with the new R9.

(old thread: http://vanilla.wargeeks.org/discussion/11427/new-pc-build )

It’s arrived. Lets see if gigabyte is any good, I’m not a fan.

Im by no means a fan of gigacrap either, but the coolers on those cards are apparently quite good and not too noisy.

They also gave me this to apologize:

Deb’s machine still has a Gigbyte 6870 Windforce 3x in it (was also an RMA from a club 3D 6870), the fans packed up after two years, i’ve replaced them with zalman fans and the card is okay. I couldn’t find the receipt because these gigabyte cards have 3 year warranties. That windforce 3x cooler is dead silent on that card, lets see how it is on this card.

What i hated the most about the 6870 windforce 3x is that there was no voltage control, it was hard locked and I could only get an extra 10mhz out of it. That cooler could do more but they really crippled that card by not giving it some form of voltage control, there was plenty headroom left due to temps.

I really hope there is some form of control on this R9 card, otherwise i’m sending it straight back. I’m fussy when it comes to these things :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmmm give meee give meee!!!

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It does fit in with my build colour scheme. This card is very quiet, even when running a game.

@ANiMOSiTY hitting 9901 3d Marks, I haven’t tweaked or oc’d yet. Very happy with the result though.

Flea, can you please confirm the length of that card in cm.
Would like to see if it would fit in my coolermaster storm (i have reason not to believe their website)

It’s the same length as my 6970 was, 290mm (website said 294mm, it’s correct given that my tape measure’s tab is a bit loose)

Wish I could afford one of those babies, but unfortunately I have to service my car at some stage.

Nice dude!
I’m hitting around the same, at around the same clock speeds as your card (1040MHz is stock on your card - I’ve got mine running at 1050MHz)

TG… I’m a car guy. I grew-up overhauling engines at the age of 14.
I offer a DIY service on your car, which we can do together.
It saves BUCKET loads of money doing it yourself and you tend to do a better job than some grease monkey.

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Do it TG, you can!

This is a Drusky post, it has to have ten characters.

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I fiddled a little got it to 1092mhz core, 1300 Mem before it starts showing artefacts. This card is much stronger than the MSI I had.

hehehe Dont know why some guys have bad luck with gigabyte. I think its really good value for money cards

I’ll come help too. I’m no stranger around engines. Built a cobra a few years back too.

Wanted to do another one but sadly you can’t get the stuff here in any more :frowning:

What happened to the MSI card?

WHat are your Fire Strike detailed numbers?

I got my card to a stable 1090 / 1300 to match yours as a test and I’m still in the 9300 range.
I think my CPU is the limit in my system. Sandy Bridge i5 at 4.2 GHz.

3DMark Score 9346.0 3DMarks
Graphics Score 11541.0
Physics Score 7551.0
Combined Score 4517.0

the memory broke on the msi :frowning: see 1st post!

I’ve backed off the settings a bit, here’s what i’m running now:

Score: 9752
Graphics: 11641
Physics: 10891
Combined: 4642

GPU: 1092mhz
Mem: 1300Mhz

4770k @ 4.2ghz

Sho. 4770K FTW!

Gotta love the 290.