FM2+ mini-ITX Mainboard

I’m battling to find one in SA.

I need a simple budget build. Looking at:

AMD A10-7850K

FM2+ mini-ITX mainboard
(impossible to find so far, plenty oversea’s, also preferably msi/asrock, they’ve grown on me.)

16Gb DDR3 2400Mhz

I have everything else.


No gpu will be needed as the iGPU will be more than strong enough (heck it can run BF4!)

This one would be ideal

found this:

but not sure about, never used em.

Found one :slight_smile:

You get a msi or asrock?
didnt think I would like them so much but impressed by both of them.

Managed to get hold of an MSI A88XI AC, the asrock was out of stock with no ETA.
My little Z87 Asrock is still working great!

I have to admit, I love ITX. It’s awesome. Just want you need and no extra features you pay for that you dont need.

Yeah ITX is a really cool platform, no real disadvantages to it.

Some pics of the little big machine.

Very naas.
Should be quite potent for such a little thing.

I’m currently playing archeage (Cryengine 3) on it, only on the IGP.

1600x900, normal settings. Runs between 50-60fps.

I am also a big fan of my mini-ITX board based system these days, in a nice small case. The days of buying a huge case containing mostly air is over for me.

It is a really nice low profile cooler you have there.

I’ve now slapped a radeon R7 250 into the mix and running hybrid crossfire.

It’s a really good solid performer, running directx 11 in archeage, high settings, 1920x1080 resolution! 50-70+ fps.


Coolermaster elite 120 case
Coolermaster 620w PSU
MSi FM2+ ITX A88 Mainboard
Adata XPG 2400Mhz ram
AMD A10 7850K @ 4.0 Ghz and iGP at 960Mhz
AMD R7 250 1Gb @ 1100Mhz core, 2300 Mem
(dual graphics - hybrid crossfire enabled)
Windows 10 (preview Build 9841)
Catalyst 14.11.2 Beta

Who said you can’t fit an H100 in an elite 120 case?

FWIW the case size is: 36cm x 19cm x 23cm (TINY!)

All that’s needed is a Dremel.

lol, your Elite120 now looks a bit different than mine. Nice work.

Im looking at doing an ITX build with an elite 130.
Just need to find a board now, oh and some form of gfx that will play battlefield.

You have to go mantle arbs, it’s the best bang for buck on BF4 fps wise.

Yeah will look at a low end amd card.
I really just need it for the occasional gw2 and some muster. Any suggestions?
Built an elite 130 with a nice little asrock board and a 4770 I had lying around.

Grab a R9 280x from carbonite? still a very good card.

Yes, I also think the R9 280x is a good buy to put in your elite 130. It is very good bang for buck in my opinion.