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This awesomeness is courtesy of @Vorty & @BlackSheep . :smiley:


that is cool!

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Not dishwasher safe!

My phoenix is looking a little faded and runny :laughing:

Lets try keep this PG :wink:

Oooooohh - where do we place our orders ??? :smiley:

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yup … me WANT!! #drool#

Yes, count me in as well please.

@Rizzy - Some of us are getting load shedded because you use your dishwasher on super melt mode! :frowning:
I’ve used my dishwasher on the mug with no issues so far, but I do use Eco mode, so your mileage might vary.

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I could line a few mugs up for printing, but if you want avatars on them, then you should send me a decent quality image and the exact spelling and caps of the nick to print. They work out about R100 each + postage to wherever you live.

Every image i come across has a watermark and they want at least $5

Yes… Had that problem with Rizzy’s too…

Nice high res one for Bass:
Not 100%, but close

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Heh - that is exactly the one I used as a base - perfect ! :smiley:

Woot!! thanks @Vorty!

also has the wargeeks thingy on the other side like TG’s :smile:


coolest :slight_smile:
(this shot was taken while Flea was making a hyperspace jump)

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Vorty, you biscuit !!!

(This was organised completely behind my back)


You’d think the Queen of the bloody universe would have got one by now!

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how do you think the tag king feels?

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Unfortunately, he’s not wrong. I think he needs to spend some time away from battlefield.

wow i didn’t even realize i took that many tags.but it does prove my point significantly

i think i will spend some time away since my PC hates to play BF now