Gaming keyboards and mice

So my G15 bit the dust after 10 years of abuse.
My G500 mouse ate it too.

I ran to shops to get temp replacements.
Got a G400s for R300.
And some Roccat ISKU for few hundred bucks.

The g400s has actually turned out to be one of the best mice I’ve ever had, I decided to get another one for another pc,
price now R759.

Price this Roccat cheapie keyboard… its like R1 200 now, and its not even good.
So looking at keyboards they range from R1k to R5 for gaming these days, I was very happy with my G15 and now I can’t seem to find anything that feels the same, let alone is a decent price.

Where do you find good keyboards and mice now?

Avoid Corsair keyboards & mice. My (mechanical) corsair keyboard started freaking out and double key pressing after about a year. The mouse wheel started scrolling in a dodgy fashion a few months after that, although after stripping the mouse and cleaning out all the plastic dust (from the scroll wheel axle) off the scroll sensor, it has been behaving. I won’t get another one when it finally dies.

In terms of keyboard, I replaced the corsair with a gigabyte Aivia Osmium, which is very nice. It appears to be a custom model made specifically for gigabyte from another manufacturer and for the life of me I can’t remember the name. I know @gascan bought one of that manufacturer’s keyboards, so if he could enlighten us as to the brand name of his keyboard… ?

I’ve very happy with the Logitech g710+ mechanical keyboard. I also love the cyborg rat series of mice. I have the rat 5 and the rat mmo.

I got an Aorus keyboard for my birfday … and what is nice is that I can move the numpad around and reprogram it.

There you go. The Aivia Osmium is a custom Aorus.

Well, my Aivia has conked.

I’m not impressed. Very expensive keyboards don’t last.

Maybe you suffer from narcolepsy TG and fall asleep with your head on your keyboard without even knowing it? :sleeping: