GTA V Mission Payouts

Just an explanation of what is going on here:

Played is the number of times the mission has been played (based on the #Tx fields)
The columns with #Tx are the number of times that pay rate has been received from that mission.

The idea is to work out how often certain pay rates are granted for certain missions, although I suspect it’s a waste of time. It’s most likely a random payout from a range of values.

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Huh, that’s cool! It will reflect changes here if I change the sheet (assuming you refresh the thread view)

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You got wet workers twice fwiw. (12 & 5)

Yeah i’ll fix any duplications. While I’m scanning the list at the end of a mission I don’t always see what I’m looking for.

Some data for you:

Played these once last night:

Chopper Tail $20200
Wet Workers $20450
Landing Gear $19380

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Landing Gear? Sure it’s not Strip?

There were 5 of us on.