H1Z1 (The Next DayZ?) Steam & PS4

I’m so sick of DayZ. I’ve played both the standalone and various mods.
Sure, PvP is a pain because of idiots who just snipe and kill and snipe and kill.
But also, the engine is absolutely rubbish. I can’t believe anybody actually enjoys an FPS-style game on the Arma II engine.
It’s terrible.

If H1Z1 is running on a very good engine, I’d say it’ll probably be a blast.
But the zombies get tiresome after a while.

Arma II is an FPS?

“FPS-style” referring to DayZ.
DayZ is all about gun fights, don’t kid yourself.
Whether you’re culling zombies or defending yourself against other players, there’s plenty shooting.
It’s extremely frustrating because of the engine.

Steam Early Access starts this Friday (15 January 2015)

Early Access is worse than pre-order. There is no guarantee that the game will ever be finished.

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By the time it is finished you’ve lost interest.

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Putting this title on my “couldn’t be bothered list”

Yeah there’s a lot of butthurt on reddit about this.

Just one of the few threads I’ve seen.