Half-height Video Cards that can do 4K

So I got myself a 65" 4K TV, but now my R7250 half height gpu (media center) won’t run at 4k. What half height video card supports 4K via HDMI?


Found this, it should work? The R7250 has DVI and DP 1.2

Link is 404 now.

Now to find one. :roll_eyes:

Try this link? https://www.loot.co.za/product/vantec-displayport-1-2-to-hdmi-2-0-active-adapter/cxby-4285-g790

Since my projector is only 1080p, i was thinking of running the TV off the DisplayPort and the projector off the DVI port with the existing DVi → HDMI adapter.

I hope the 2gb vram is enough of a frame buffer that movies and series etc don’t jitter? (the only gaming done on this system is normally via steam streaming so GPU horsepower is not needed)

Try here for info:

These below have hdmi 2.0. No idea if they can handle 2160p though.

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I bought that adapter today, it’s working like a charm!

Only problem I have now is trying to run duplicate screens, one uhd the other fhd (uhd tv, fhd projector) the scaling works but if you restart its goes all strange and resets to something that looks like 480 on both devices. Perhaps running into the frame buffer (vram) limit. Have to fiddle a bit to get it working again.