Just curious if you guys came across this little gem. Been enjoying it off late a lot on the console. There is a PC (steam) version also available. Sadly no future updates/plans on porting for Mac/linux.

Its the game for starship troopers if I could describe it. You team up with 3 randoms/friends and try to complete objectives for “democracy”. Each mission takes about 15min average so not too time consuming.

ign review

Frustratingly exciting game


I’ve been keeping an eye on this, waiting for a nice special. Either PC or PS4.
Reminds me a bit of a sci-fi Magicka, with the hilarious friendly-fire kills etc

Edit oh wait I see it IS the same devs as Magicka, makes sense now. Looks super fun, esp the coop.

Yeah same fellas that did magicka.

I was suprised to see you only “wanted” the game on steam. That’s not the wingers I know ;).

Friendly fire is also always on in Helldivers and yea sometimes it can get out of hand lol.

You have a PS4 @Wingers?

Lol, yeah I had to start managing my bad habits… babies are effen expensive! But wait, you’ll see for yourself stoolie… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yeah I have a PS4, got it by accident after a work sponsored cell upgrade last year… :laughing:
Only using it for Diablo 3 at this stage.

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