Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals, look its on Steam but if we don’t hold that against it, this game could have a lot of potential. Has anyone tried it?

Actually, I prefer games on Steam. That being said, this looks interesting, and bonus it’s F2P.

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Cool, grabbed it.

Busy downloading now … :slight_smile:

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Well, Steam used to be the evil pain in the ass. But I have to give them the deserved kudos. I haven’t logged into Steam in easily ten years (the last thing I got from them was Counter Strike Source). I figured creating an account was the best move but no my user name was taken. So I tried logging in and a quick verification mail later its welcome back.


Well alright. Downloaded and tried it out. Its a bit slow finding a server. The “find me a random server” takes about 2 minutes. Game play is good. I like the way it plays. The business model is shaped around in game purchases tho, so you will level faster is you buy the “veteran status”. Weapons and vehicles can be bought or earned through time spent in play. So far tho I have managed to make my Scottish ancestors happy by getting a fair amount of fun out for nada. I’ll keep playing before I spend. It does appear to be a bit pricey if I look at the $ pricing and do some conversions. They’d have better luck getting me to spend if I figured I was getting more bang for my buck.

In game nick is Darnit696…

I’ll look at grabbing it over the weekend perhaps. Don’t forget muster tonight! (BF3)

Having fun with this game! feels like BF 1942 all over again but with BF3 unlocks system :slight_smile:

Hopefully i can progress to a tank driver.

I’m trying to unlock the bolt action rifle with scope and polished ammo.

Yes I also got that feeling, really enjoying it at this stage. The only problem I have with the game so far is that you can buy your way to the top. Which is doable if you earn dollahs but in rands eish, they are quite pricey. SO I am playing using the random server finder and every now and then it throws you into these huge maps with guys who have either spent the moola or have been playing a while. Which means you are pretty much moving cannon fodder, but still its fun. :smiley: Enjoy riding the bicycle though… and getting fitness ribbons for it… :smiley: :smiley: If only real life was that easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

my IGN is Insanityflea FWIW.

Darnit696. Go Figure. :stuck_out_tongue: