Home network

My days of climbing in ceilings & pulling wire are behind me.

Does anyone here have a good contact for installing a home network?

I’m looking for Category 6, ± 15 points with trunking + fly leads + wall boxes + a small rackmount cabinet that can be mounted up on the wall near the ceiling, with three ceiling mounted AP’s. the full Monty in the Alberton area. I’m able to purchase the hardware.

Hardware I have:

2x 10 Port D-link enterprise Gigabit switches (DGS-3200)
2x Gbic’s with fibre leads
VDSL/DSL modem/router + 3G failover
Various AP’s (which will be binned, I hate them)
RB433 with wifi + 2.4ghz grid antenna

Hardware I require:

Dude you absolutely cant go wrong with the unifi’s.
I have 3 of them in my offices(which are quite big) and the signal density is amazing.
Why are you going for the PoE switch though? sure it will make it neater but they come with their own PoE injectors standard.

My switches aren’t POE :blush:

I don’t want to replace them they work great, just need the POE for the AP’s & RouterBoard. If they come with injectors, that will work I suppose, can save a bit of dosh by removing that injector. Thanks Arbs!

You got me thinking, I should flog those two dlink’s and just get a single 24 port managed POE switch.

So many of overkills for home network :smiley:

Still its nice to have a PoE switch if you want to add IP cameras and the like at any stage.

I do a shed load of work from home :smile:

+1 for Unifi APs. We have 3x UniFi Pro APs and 2x NanoStation M bridges… and they are just rock solid.

Damn… thats a c load of hardware for a home network. in contrast to my home “network” which is an Asus dsl modem router 4 port… and it sucks… :smiley:
But interesting info on the Unifi stuffs. Probably should actually get of my arse and look at doing something about the fact that I have to hold my arm above my head to get a wifi connect when reading the tablet in bed…

Those unifi are absolutely amazing pieces of tech.
Once setup you can completely forget about them and being PoE you just run network cables and mount them on the ceiling.

It’s getting there. Slowly. So much work. At least ADSL was installed the same day I moved in. It’s who you know :wink:

I haven’t done any cable management before you cringe about the fibre.

I was going to ask what the fibre was for but then thought best to leave it, mr flea and his oot network :stuck_out_tongue:

I also thought slight overkill, but hey, overkill is fun. :slight_smile:

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If it worth doing, It’s worth doing right. (it’s a small office now which was the aim)

Still have six points to do.

And yet through all of that you still run that horrible old netgear dsl router!!!
No man flea! custom firmware or not that thing is the suck :frowning:

No labeling? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks really neat though Flea. Which port can I use? :smiley:

It is on CFW arbs :smiley: only reason it’s still around :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jono anyone!

Some funnies.

You know you don’t have to host the images on a different image host, you can literally upload them here.

your stats are awesome, why is it only syncing at 4mb?
unless its an exchange limitation.

I can sum it up in one word: 'Telkom’
I’m getting bumped up soon. Spoke to accounts manager.