Intel's response to Zen

Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Did a 8 year old write this?

“4 glued-together desktop die” - excellent technical explanation. I honestly expected better. Can’t take it seriously when that’s their argument.

In this slide they say that “software” is not optimized for Naples (a server) citing Ryzen’s “gaming performance” as an indicator. Yet everywhere else the Ryzen is faster than their i7 counterparts in general computing, software, rendering and encoding. - Which led the Intel Core i9 release which makes zero sense.

And this benchmark - really? Xeon cpu - $2200 - AMD cpu - $430. (Note: 2.2ghz is not their factory clocks on both cpu’s)

I excepted a bit more of a professional response. Not this pathetic “8 year old tantrum”

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Fwiw, this is the article that kicked up a lot of dust. (not re-posting benchmark graphs)

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It is good that there is strong competition. But densities are getting scary. The blast radius from loosing a single server is not pretty anymore.

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