Login and update problems

Is anyone else battling to get gw2 updated or to login?
Im having issues where its running at 20kb/s on update then fails to download. When it eventually does download then the majority of the time it fails at the login.
Getting super annoyed by it all.

My last update was a bit slow this morning, but it works fine now.

I’ve had to restart the client a couple times because it would sit on 0kb/s download speed for ages. Restart the client and it ramps up to speed again. Weird!

When the launcher starts it will start at around 80kbps then drop down and spike back up again getting slower each time. If it fails I have to start it again. Then when it gets to the second launcher it starts to update at around 350kbps.
Im having such weird random lag with the game atm, tried ISP’s on different backbones and nothing makes any difference.
Its only like that at night though, during the day its mostly fine and local traffic is always fine.