Looking for multi-button macro mouse

So, yeah, easy just buy a macro gaming mouse? Err not so. All mouse macro software is not created equal. The best I’ve come across was the Mad Catz (from the R.A.T series) - these mice are no longer around. I currently have a Decus mouse which, the macro software is lacking.

The macro I’m looking for is to repeat a set of key presses while holding down the mouse button. The majority of macro software I’ve come across doesnt include this simple function. (please no third party programs, I want the mouse OEM macro software)

So, I’m looking at purchasing a mouse, with above said macro software feature. - It’s a pity you can’t get hold of the software just to test before buying a mouse, so that’s why I’m here.

Fire away the suggestions (minimum of three “thumb” buttons)
(logitech software might work as I know the keyboard macros had the same function)

https://www.wootware.co.za/logitech-910-003823-g602-11-programmable-buttons-250-2500-dpi-laser-gaming-usb-mac-compatible-mouse.html - this looks good but the price is not.

Manage to find the mad catz software, here’s a screenie. Simple but very powerful.


Well, in the end I landed up purchasing a Logitech G502, hopefully it has the features I want.

The logitech does it more or less, however it can’t loop a section of the macro like the Mad Catz software could. It will serve it’s purpose though, I can’t be too fussy I suppose.


I have mixed feelings about the steel-series software\hardware.
Have you had a look or already bought a device?

Herja has the basic Steelseries Rival300 and the mouse is great. I bought the Rival500 but it has two issues, after every occasional software update i have to uninstall and re-install the software and another stupid thing is like on Windows7 during a fresh install when formatting it does not respond. Except for that the mouse is great.

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