Mark "Albereth" Ogden

I come to you with very sad news. Albereth passed away today after an airsoft game. He passed at around 1:30pm in his home. I know this because I am his nephew. Goodbye Mark Ansel Ogden, you will be missed.

Wow, I am completely shocked.

My thoughts go out to Cullen.

Thank you very much for letting us know.

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how did this happen?

Thoughts and prayers with Albie’s family

Gutted :frowning:

Cullen, I’m so sorry. If there’s anything you need, we’re all just a phone call away.

We don’t know what happened. Cullen Just phoned my dad to say he collapsed and thinks he had a heart attack but we don’t know the cause.

Very sad news.

Our thoughts are with you Cullen and Family.

So sad to hear the news. Sorry that you had to be the bearer, but really appreciate you telling us. Please keep us informed…

I will. I just fear the worst for Cullen now.

Oh no… I’m so sad to hear this. Albereth was a gentleman of the highest order and it was a privilege to know him.
My prayers go out to Cullen and the rest of his family in this difficult time.

But what I dont understand is this morning at airsoft he look fine.

Much sadness. Its not easy for a son to loose his dad I know. I will remember Albereth and Cullin for their whimsical silliness. Thoughts and prayers for the family and especially Cullin.

Very sad to hear this. My thoughts go out to Jonathan and his family.

So very sad to hear.
I think I only met him personally once, a really great guy. Always a great team player and adversary.

My condolences and thoughts to Cullen and his family at this very difficult time.

Please let us know when the funeral will be.

I will as soon as I get told

Wow , that a shock , my condolences and prayers to his Family

What an awesome guy , the world is robbed …

I am so shocked and saddened by this news. Alby was such a special guy - thoughts and prayers to his family, especially Cullen :cry:

Very very shocked and saddened to hear this. Thinking of you Jonathan.

I cant remember how many years we have gamed with Albereth. Our deepest condolences to Cullen and the family.