Mass Effect Andromeda


I managed to get two hours with hands on. These are my thoughts.

  • Animations - yes, they need polish but they aren’t as bad as the internet led everyone to believe. It’s workable.

  • Combat - AMAZING. Just WOW. Really enjoy the way they’ve done this, your character will automatically hide behind cover (duck crouch etc) when you are close enough to objects. You have blind fire as well. Check out some of the youtube vids on the combat.

  • Dialog - Good, needs some work as some conversations get cut off often. Like the game is trying to hurry up and push you into action. I’m the guy who always questions everything and everyone to get as much back story as I can.

  • Graphics - Excellent, but also lacks a bit of polish in a few area’s. Your character does sweat but somehow it looks like it’s raining on your face, a nice touch but a bit extreme.

  • Overall feel - it’s a good game, just lacks quite a bit of polish. It feels like a rushed release and they really needed a few extra months to fine tune this game. If they do polish it up and sort out the glitches (there are a few) It really will be a great game but this is a big “IF” A bit more polish and this game will be amazing.

For now it will remain on my “purchase when there’s a special” list and I don’t want to skip the title completely. Lets hope the fans put enough pressure on Bioware/EA to polish this game up. It’s okay in it’s current state and it’s enjoyable.


It’s EA doing the “we’ll release the beta test as the actual game, and patch it later” thing yet again. It seems to be normal for them to release incomplete games. You can buy the polish and tested components as DLC later.


Thanks for the thoughts Flea. I enjoyed the Mass Effect series and this has been my only “looking forward to it” title for a while. But, I fully anticipated the EA approach so will, like TG, be waiting a while longer until a) it’s actually finished b) on special. So 2020 here I come :smile:


How this game now? Does anyone have it ? Have they fixed stuff?