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Very impressed with the power usage. Lets hope for some sort of mantle support as well.

Using titan-ice, the 750 TI is R2699 the R 7 265X is R 2949. (The R7 265X beats the Nvidia)
But then lets go to the R7 260x which is R2449 and it’s only 1 or 2 fps slower. (in directX, mantle is will be much faster)

Mantle would be my reason to Go with AMD before Nvidia, but each to his own.

The 970 saga continues. MAxwell :man_with_turban:


from flea: AMD Offering Discounts To Former GTX 970 Owners Following Memory Controversy

This is already very close to the GTX970’s 3.5gb and BF4 is pretty old already.Zoom in to top right to see info. Can just imagine how much more it will use with tanks and explosions etc