Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

[s]For those of you who have fallen for it, or are thinking of falling for it, there is a problem with it.[/]

The save game corruption bug has been fixed, along with the potential hang while using the left controller stick to navigate menus during the FOB Tutorial.

Although it looks like [s]I’m[/] Blinky and I are the only suckers so far, the game has a status of ‘Very Positive’ on steam.

You can pick up a copy for ~$49.90 on If you go to facebook page, you can get a further 5% discount code, bringing it down to $47.40.

End of this month, Still busy with Mad Max.

MGS V aka “Kiefer’s Crack”

Unlock Framerate:

FOV Mod:

FOV mod works nicely. It’s just a d3d11.dll (wrapper) and a fov.cfg that you stick in the same folder as the game exe. Seems to be version agnostic, as I used it with a freshly updated version of the game.